/ Contest – Landscape Garten

Planter 1: Playful
“Alice wants to come over to play in my garden…”
…where we can jump in the plunge pool, slide down the logs and wing on the tire, have popsicles out on the shade on the patio and then we can wait on the bench by the Spruce tree for daddy to come and take us for a ride in his new car.

MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBOURHOODS IN TORONTO. Spruce, Dogwoods, Junipers, Boxwoods and Yews are native plants available in all sizes. Common Thrift, Carnations, Irish moss, Periwinkle and Rock Cress are perfect ground covers in a whimsical, playful garden.

Planter 2: Picturesque
The Moonflower shines on a pedestal of Canada finest. (A raised area using anchored beer bottles… multicultural in flavor) ringed by Wave Petunias and Illumination Periwinkle spilling over the edges of the planter.



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